Delivering care at home

7Sugar is now offering remote consultations within the mobile app. Given the current Covid situation, this video calling feature is very timely and can save patients from having to visit doctors in person. Doctors can consult patients while viewing their records on the same screen



Cloud based platform
Video/Chat consulting options


7Sugar app on mobile or desktop and internet
Patient information at finger tips for use during the call

Reduce no shows

No member travel required
Minimize cancellations

Secure and Private

Consultation at the comfort of your home
Block Chain enabled
Role based access control

Treat more patients

Open access to more patients or those with mobility issues

How it Works?

Step 1

7Sugar mobile app and reliable broadband or 3G/4G connection

Step 2

Setup appointment for remote consult or request one using chat to your caregiver.
Your caregiver will send you the link at the time of appointment, click to connect with the doctor.

Step 3

Share Information
Please upload vitals, lab reports and latest prescription using the + button on the main screen. Any additional information can be shared during the call.
If you are a diabetic and posted information on food, medication, sleep and mood regularly, Doctors will have more than 90% of the information required for consultation.

Step 4

During the consultation you can discuss your health concerns and questions as you would if in person. If you wish you may have someone with you for your appointment.   7Sugar report, Diet report and Labs will be the primary sources of information during consultations.