Empowering doctors with insights for superior treatment outcomes

7Sugar is India's most advanced digital therapeutics platform that is helping Doctors and Caregiver with improved understanding of critical factors that are driving patient sugar levels and interventions to bring them in control


Remote monitoring

Cloud based platform
Video/Chat consulting options

7Sugar report

Insights for Interventions
Interactive report
Improved Patient Knowledge

Increased Treatment Adherence

Real time feedback on non-compliance through advisories and recommendations (prescription, physical activity, diet)

Analytics Dashboard

Population statistics
Treatment outcomes

Privacy and Security

Role based access control

Smart EHR

Built in AI Features
Personalized recommendations
Reduce burden on time

7Sugar Report

Critical patient insights are delivered through the 7Sugar summary report.  Doctors can generate the report on-demand using the mobile app to monitor patient progress or for patient consultations. The report highlights potential areas for interventions and ensures doctors time is used for counseling rather than for lifestyle recall. The report is easy to consume and highlights areas requiring attention and is a boon to doctors who are starved of time.

How it works?

Step 1

Download app and register on platform
Note down your Caregiver code

Step 2

Install 7S bridge application on laptop

Step 3

Onboard your patient,
Share your Caregiver code to the patient
Monitor on app

Step 4

Generate 7Sugar report on demand
1. Easy to consume report with actionable insights
2. Right size medication and recommend lifestyle modifications


Our platform accepts glucose readings from glucometers or from continuous glucose monitoring sensors. Our recommendation is to use continuous glucose monitoring sensors for 14 days at the minimum. We accept information from various CGM sensors such as Abbott Libre Pro, Medtronic . If you use Abbott Libre Pro sensor we provide bridge software for exporting sensor data to the cloud when flashing the sensor for sugar reading