Improving Lives of People with Diabetes

7Sugar is India's most advanced digital therapeutics platform helping diabetes patients effortlessly maintain sugar levels in control.


Improved Energy Levels, Better Sleep

Reduction in Medication by adopting healthy lifestyle interventions

HbA1c <= 7%

Reduced risk of diabetes complications from better control of Sugar Levels

24 x7 care, 365 days a year

What can 7Sugar do for you?


Regulate blood sugar levels in range
5.7% < A1C target < 6.4%

Assist uncontrolled diabetic patients to achieve A1C goal/Target


Reduce blood sugar levels in range
6.5% < A1C target < 7.5%

Assist diabetic patients to manage their lifestyle and physiology to keep their glucose profile in range.


Reduce blood sugar levels in range
A1C target > 7.5%

Assist pre-diabetics in lifestyle modifications to counter physiological changes.

How it works?

Step 1


Download app Submit onboarding information Integrate with Google Fit or Apple Health account

Step 2

Lifestyle tracking

Effortlessly track and share data with your caregiver on food, medication, glucose levels and lifestyle using mobile app (optional Continuous glucose monitoring sensor)

Step 3

7Sugar Report

Generate personalized report (minimum 7 days data) packed with interventions and recommendations for lifestyle modifications to bring glucose levels in range. Share report with your Doctor for right sizing medication.

Step 4

Diabetes Educator

Continue to to track lifestyle data to get real time interventions, advisories and recommendations. Chat with Diabetes Educator as needed.

Patient Testimonials


“I am a T2D for ten years. I recently went through the 7Sugar program at Dr. Abhijit’s clinic. Program helped me better understand my physiology and was able to right size my medication and diet. I would recommend this program to all diabetics.”


“7Sugar program was very helpful from the patient’s point of view as well, since it clearly reflected benefits of modifications in diet, exercise and maintaining healthy frequency of recommended types of food intake. It was reassuring and encouraging to follow your diet and exercise plan. It helps to influence other members of family to adopt change in their lifestyles. Thanks a lot for this.”


“I have been using the 7Sugar platform for a few of my patients. It is a very helpful platform which makes it easy to control my patients blood sugar levels in short periods of time. Since the data on sugar levels, meal composition, exercise etc is all in one place it is easy for me to make recommendations to my clients and help them understand the impact of lifestyle on their sugar levels. The platform is easy to use and is definately a game changer for all diabetics.”

*real names have been masked for patient privacy